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Links for Louisville

When you rent an apartment from Douglas Park Apts., you will find the following links for information around Louisville , KY!

Electric Service
Louisville Gas & Electric
(502) 589-1444
Customer Service Walk-In Center Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-5pm Telephone Contact 502-589-1444 Mon-Fri 7AM-7pm 24-hour Electric Power Outages 502-589-3500 For hearing/speech-impaired Dial 711
Telephone/Internet Service
AT & T
(186) 630-3578
Provides home phone service, fast access DSL and wireless phone service 1-866-500-9794 Spanish phone number 1-866285-7971

Local Shopping
Foods, Drugs and Clothing
Iroquoise Shopping Center
5330 So Third Street Louisville, Ky. 40214
Valu Market
(502) 361-9285
Excellent Multi-Cultural Super Market located within Iroquois Manor Shopping Center

Cable Television & Internet
Time Warner Cable Television
(502) 773-2551
Area Representative

Refugee Assistance
Ky Refugee
(502) 479-9180
969 B Cherokee Rd. Louisville, Ky. 40204
Catholic Charities
(502) 636-9263
2911 So. 4th Street Louisville, Ky. 40208

Rutherford Elementary
(502) 485-8320
301 Southland Blvd Louisville, Ky. 40214
High School
Iroquois High School MCA
(502) 485-8269
4615 Taylor Blvd Louisville, Ky. 40215

Norton Health Southside Primar
(502) 367-2288
5334 South Third Street Louisville, Ky. 40214
Sts. Mary and Elizabeth Hospit
(502) 361-6000
1850 Bluegrass Av Louisville, Ky. 40214
Health Information
HealthyWomen, the nation

Other Links
Change of Address
Post Office
Post Office
US Post Office
(502) 366-5839
Within walking distance Office hours Mon-Fri 8A-5P